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The Personal Planner Templates contain 46 sheets and come in both US Letter and A4 Sizes. Please take note: This is a digital product. No physical item will be shipped.

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Introducing the Personal Planner Canva Templates – your ultimate companion for staying organized and inspired every day! Plan your movie nights with ease using the Movie List template, ensuring you never miss a blockbuster. Keep track of your favorite dining spots with the Dining Favorites sheet, perfect for discovering new culinary delights. Draw inspiration from your role models and jot down their impactful quotes in the Role Models section, fostering personal growth and motivation. Stay on top of your tasks and goals with the Monthly Tasks template, ensuring productivity and progress month after month. Embrace the spirit of the seasons with the various Seasonal Bucket Lists, offering fun and festive activities to enjoy all year round. Elevate your planning game and unleash your full potential with our customizable Canva Templates today!

  • 46 templates to edit in Canva
  • Design/Color Palette: BRIGHT
  • Sizes: A4 + US letter

• Daily planner
• Week at a glance
• Favorite quotes
• Books to read
• Series to watch
• Series tracker
• Movies to watch
• Favorite restaurants
• Inspirational people
• Monthly to do
• Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter bucket lists
• Places to travel
• Things to do when bored list
• No-spend activities list
• Expenses tracker
• Monthly expenses
• Year at a glance
• Habit tracker
• Gift planner
• Hobby planner
• Weekly gratitude & prayers
• Password tracker
• Meal planner
• Contacts sheet
• Brainstorm sheet
• Daily routine planner
• Weekly cleaning sheet
• Master cleaning list (blank)
• Important dates (4-month layout/3 x sheets)
• Birthdays (2 months per page/6 x sheets)
• Master grocery list (6 x sheets)

10 x free sheets to play around with – sign up via email! (A link to sign up is provided in the ‘Canva Links’ PDF upon your purchase.

These are not fillable PDF files/templates (i.e. you cannot type directly into the boxes). They are meant to be changed the way you like, with a free Canva account, and printed out to be filled in by hand. If you wish to type directly into the template, you’ll need to manually add text boxes (instructions provided in the help guide section).

  1. After purchasing you will be able to download the PDF(s) — you will also get a download link via email.
  2. Open the link in the PDF to go to Canva.com, where you can start editing right away.
  3. See the Help Guide section in case you’re new to Canva — We’ve added some easy steps with images!

✅ You can edit the Canva templates and add your own branding style, colors, logo, and more to the designs.
✅ You can sell/share the planners in PDF or JPEG versions after making changes to the design. (Changes to colors, fonts, design styles, elements, layouts, and so on – as long as it looks different from my original design).

❌ Sell/share the planners in an editable version
❌ Sell/share the Canva link to any design you’ve purchased from TWCprintables
❌ Claim the design as your own, register it in a copyright database of some sort, or claim any rights to my original designs.
❌ The planner designs and templates may not be used in book publishing, or selling of physical printed products, even if the design has been changed. You also may not register an ISBN for any book containing my original designs (the owner of TWCprintables).


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Organize your life and your business with editable templates for Canva! From the research to the design phase, our templates are created in a way that is both useful and fun. Choose your ideal template and edit the design with a free Canva account.